I am currently a research fellow at University of Oxford (UK), under supervision of Prof. Niki Trigoni, working on the ESPRC Programme Grant “Mobile Robotics: Enabling a Pervasive Technology of the Future”.

I was a research fellow at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), working in collaboration with Telecom Italia S.P.A.

I achieved my MS degree in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2008. From 2019 to 2011 I was a research assitant in Politecnico di Torino, and from 2011 to 2014 I was a PhD student in Robotics at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) and Politecnico di Torino, working on both space robotics and service robotics.

My research interests include localization and mapping for mobile robotics, computer vision applied to robot navigation, and human-robot interaction. I also have an interest on vision-based assistive technologies.

I am a GNU/Linux user, open source supporter, Ubuntu backport tester, ex demo coder.

Current projects

Learning intuitive physics

The ability to interact and understand the environment is fundamental in a wide range of applications from robotics to augmented reality. In particular, predicting how deformable objects will react to applied forces in real time is a significant challenge. Another challenge is learning to estimate the simple dynamics of moving and interacting objects through observations. My research tries to bring common sense understanding to robotic perception, with a focus on low-cost vision sensors and interaction with humans. Learning to predict intuitive physics, such as how objects move and interact with each other, will enable robots to interact with a dynamic, unconstrained environment.

Publications: [1] [2]

Human-Robot Cooperation and Semantic Understanding for Long-term Localization and Mapping

I am working on using human experiences, such as complex activities detected using visual-inertial information, to improve semantic understanding of the environment for mobile assistive robots, and using robots to help user's localization by sharing location information. Another area of interest is using higher level understanding of the enviroment (semantics) in deep reinformcement learning approaches for improving robot and user navigation.

Publications: [1] [2]

Past projects

Object Pose Estimation for Robotic Grasping

Detection and pose estimation of 3D objects is of great importance in robotics applications for many high level tasks such as manipulation, grasping, human-robot interaction and also localization and mapping. We are interested in segmenting objects with large variety in appearance, from lack of texture to strong textures, for the task of robotic grasping, using affordable RGB-D sensors.

Publications: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Code (OpenCV/CUDA): https://github.com/morpheus1820/graph-canny-segm

Fly4SmartCity: a Cloud Robotics Service for Smart City Applications

The emerging cloud robotics paradigm considers robots as simple agents connected to a remote network infrastructure; this networked approach allows them to benefit from off-board powerful computational and storage resources, to easily access data and to build a common knowledge. We propose a possible implementation of a cloud-robotics service in a smart city scenario. This project shows how the integration of ROS-based cloud robotics platform, small unmanned vehicles, high-bandwidth/low-latency mobile networks and open data publicly available on the internet makes the design of a real-world UAV-based emergency management service possible.

Publications: [1]
Press: Wired, La Stampa
Code (ROS): https://github.com/fly4smartcity

Autonomous Robots for Data Center Hotspot Detection

In this project, in collaboration with Telecom Italia Lab, we developed a Cloud Robotics service application for the detection of hotspots in a data center using mobile robots carrying thermal sensors and thermal cameras. The robots are able to create a map of the environment and to autonomously navigate, while executing user-defined missions. We developed a laser-based package for graph-based SLAM algorithm.

Publications: [1], [2], [3]
Code (ROS nodes): https://github.com/rrg-polito/rrg-polito-ros-pkg
Code (LAGO Optimizer): https://github.com/rrg-polito/lago

Visual Navigation for Mobile Robots

This project, in collaboration with Telecom Italia Lab, aims at the study of Cloud Robotics for service applications, with a focus on vision-based semantic localization and mapping for mobile platforms in domestic environments. We are currently working on semantic localization based on object detection only.

Website: http://jol.telecomitalia.com/jolcrab

People and Object Tracking, Vision-based Body Mass Estimation

A prerequisite for human–robot interaction is the capability of successfully tracking humans and objects in the environment. We proposed a system for real-time visual object tracking in 2D images for mobile robotic systems. The proposed algorithm is able to specialize to individual objects and to adapt to substantial changes in illumination and object appearance during tracking. The algorithm is composed by two main blocks: a detector based on Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) descriptors and linear Support Vector Machines (SVM), and a tracker which is implemented by an adaptive Rao-Blackwellised particle filter (RBPF). The SVM is re–trained online on new samples taken from previous predicted positions.

Another work involved a system for weighting astronauts in space, using RBG-D cameras. The body is reconstructed using 3D non-rigid registration techniques, then anthropometric measures are extracted and matched on a medical database, in order to retreve an estimate of the body mass.

Publications: [1]
Press: New Scientist, TomsHW.it
Code: https://github.com/morpheus1820/adaptive-hog-tracker


The three-years (2008-2010) project “MACP4Log - Mobile, autonomous and cooperating robotic platforms for supervision and monitoring of large logistic surfaces” was aimed at the study and development of a prototype of a mobile robotic platform, with on-board vision systems and sensors, integrating a flexible wireless communication solution, able to move autonomously in large logistic spaces, and to communicate with a supervisor and other similar platforms to achieve a coordinated action to carry out specific tasks. The project was coordinated by the Robotics Research Group from Politecnico di Torino; the research activity was carried on in collaboration with ERXA s.r.l. and the Istituto Superiore “Mario Boella” (ISMB).

Publications: [1] [2] [3]
Website: http://areeweb.polito.it/ricerca/MacP4Log/



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